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Bored, come waste time.



Well, it’s about time .

Changes happen ever where; with in people, neighbourhood, and even .. blogs ! !

Well, due to some “difficulties” there had to be another blog to be created.  After this post, there wont be any more post, BUT there will be on the new, OFFICIAL, Non-disturbance difficulties, blog which is called “Patience leads to Success


Ofcourse, the blog is just new, so it will take time to “decorate” it and what not. And now that i’ve managed my time wise, I would atleast be posting atleast, ATLEAST .. 2 post per week 😛

And yea, i havent been replying to some people’s email, because of school -.- but i will promise to reply to them HOPEFULLY this week end … cool?. … cool 🙂


Regardless, i want to thank all of those who supported on creating this blog , helped a lot. and i would ask for your support and love, and the respect, as i would return the favours too .

With Love,


Long Time Hurts Na

Hey guys .


Dang its been a while since I’ve posted . Been goin through “school” “word” and loaddss naa mean .

I’ve just recently managed my self to get a phone (about time) and i just came to know, i could also do my blogging from there; kinda helps if you ask me; now will able to manage to post more often, and sit down and reply back to all the email’s ive been getting 😛 I’m even surprised im still getting emails, after a long break of not posting anything . I was like … Woaaahhhh . Eh . Cool . AWESOMENESS . kay now im just getting random 😛


Regardless, yee this year at school . i have to admit it is pretty challenging . Heck last year, then off to Uni . or i shall say, off to the REAL Life .

Puttin that to the side, we got friends who we all deal with . Lolz im shizz free ofc now . Individual i Love . Ye ye . Many people these days are being crazy . Talkin useless, but that doesnt matter Ofc .

Things change . Even people change . Many say “if people change they’re a b***h” ; now what i say is those who say that are a B***H . Lets go with this; there’s a sayin “Bro’s before hoes” . I dont believe in that shizz . My sayin is “real before fakes” Why would one wanna be someone who they aint, be someone who everyone would admire . Thats Reality . Ofc many wwill say im just being plain stupid for sayin some next level shizz . (Tell me that when i actually care about you)



There’s more to say, but for now .. Manz got to STUDY .

Anyhooooo . Enough of the randomness . I wanna give a shout out to one of my boy . BoB .

Always got Your back brah .


Interesting, Eh?

Yup 🙂

It Hurts

Hello Fellow Citizens !

Yea . Haven’t been updated the site . Been busy with “School” and “family” stuff .

Regardless, been going through a lot my self, friends, love, all these “BS” . It bothers me how there are many fake people out there, free to live and do there thing; ready to get one people down .  A good word given to them: Haterz!

Like in my previous post, i posted a note, that i got off Google, and it was pretty neat . (Click here to see)

We fall into many people’s “trap”; we’re either blind to “book” them, deaf to hear from others, etc. In the beginning, we’re loving the moments, but later on, its like … Regretting time.

I’m actually loving me 🙂 became a new person and I’m loving it. It’s all because of the people who I’m with and stuff ^^ With out them, i don’t know where i would be, but yea. Things happen eh .

Regardless … I got no idea what to say at the moment .. but … a good quote i just told a friend like 20 min ago ? “Patience is the key to success” … we’re all waiting for something good to happen, every “wait” gives us something good. A quote a teacher of mine said, “God Gives, and forgives. Man Gets, and Forgets”   Pretty sick eh?

To my haters

“I keep it real and that’s a promise. I may be whatever you wanna call me, but I’m honest. When i walk by, you stop and stare. Well, keep looking ‘Cause I Don’t Care. I have my own life and style, not trying to please you or smile. When it comes to competition, you’re out. So shut your hatin’ self and keep me out of your mouth”

Dont know what to say

Lets see whats new,

1. Website is about to have its own Banner Soon

2. Going through the holy month – Ramadhan! (Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters)

3. Got a job, but delay on first day

4. G2!!!!

5. to be Continue hehe

ps. Russel Petters any one?


One cant have everything they want.

One has to sacrifice a lot.

One needs to understand life well to be successfull.

One cant focus if there are things in their mind.

One needs omit the darkness inside of them.

One needs to “self attain” .

One needs to be brave and strong.

One needs to believe.

One needs to trust.

One needs to focus.

One needs to be independent at some things, depending on another could destroy one.

Courage. Brave.Strength.

Wake up at 7 am and go shopping

WHO WAKES UP AT 7 AM IN THE MORNING, and goes for back to school shopping.

YUP! Moi.

apparently i woke up at 7 and had to drive with rents, around places, buying stuff for school. Its pretty smart actually if you think about it. Be prepared now; buy the good things now so you dont have to be sad later, cz its all gone. Plus, the holy month of Ramadhan is just around the corner, i dont want to faint while fasting and doing shopping. (not that i will faint, im strong =D)

5 hours of shoping, and now dead tired. cant sleep cz some people are just interesting watching cricket in the morning, and blasting the volume even when they are 1 meter away from the tv. -.-.

ps. yes i hate cricket. and im brown. hehehahahoho.



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