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Interesting, Eh?

Yup 🙂


It Hurts

Hello Fellow Citizens !

Yea . Haven’t been updated the site . Been busy with “School” and “family” stuff .

Regardless, been going through a lot my self, friends, love, all these “BS” . It bothers me how there are many fake people out there, free to live and do there thing; ready to get one people down .  A good word given to them: Haterz!

Like in my previous post, i posted a note, that i got off Google, and it was pretty neat . (Click here to see)

We fall into many people’s “trap”; we’re either blind to “book” them, deaf to hear from others, etc. In the beginning, we’re loving the moments, but later on, its like … Regretting time.

I’m actually loving me 🙂 became a new person and I’m loving it. It’s all because of the people who I’m with and stuff ^^ With out them, i don’t know where i would be, but yea. Things happen eh .

Regardless … I got no idea what to say at the moment .. but … a good quote i just told a friend like 20 min ago ? “Patience is the key to success” … we’re all waiting for something good to happen, every “wait” gives us something good. A quote a teacher of mine said, “God Gives, and forgives. Man Gets, and Forgets”   Pretty sick eh?

To my haters

“I keep it real and that’s a promise. I may be whatever you wanna call me, but I’m honest. When i walk by, you stop and stare. Well, keep looking ‘Cause I Don’t Care. I have my own life and style, not trying to please you or smile. When it comes to competition, you’re out. So shut your hatin’ self and keep me out of your mouth”