Hey guys .


Dang its been a while since I’ve posted . Been goin through “school” “word” and loaddss naa mean .

I’ve just recently managed my self to get a phone (about time) and i just came to know, i could also do my blogging from there; kinda helps if you ask me; now will able to manage to post more often, and sit down and reply back to all the email’s ive been getting 😛 I’m even surprised im still getting emails, after a long break of not posting anything . I was like … Woaaahhhh . Eh . Cool . AWESOMENESS . kay now im just getting random 😛


Regardless, yee this year at school . i have to admit it is pretty challenging . Heck last year, then off to Uni . or i shall say, off to the REAL Life .

Puttin that to the side, we got friends who we all deal with . Lolz im shizz free ofc now . Individual i Love . Ye ye . Many people these days are being crazy . Talkin useless, but that doesnt matter Ofc .

Things change . Even people change . Many say “if people change they’re a b***h” ; now what i say is those who say that are a B***H . Lets go with this; there’s a sayin “Bro’s before hoes” . I dont believe in that shizz . My sayin is “real before fakes” Why would one wanna be someone who they aint, be someone who everyone would admire . Thats Reality . Ofc many wwill say im just being plain stupid for sayin some next level shizz . (Tell me that when i actually care about you)



There’s more to say, but for now .. Manz got to STUDY .

Anyhooooo . Enough of the randomness . I wanna give a shout out to one of my boy . BoB .

Always got Your back brah .