Hello Fellow Citizens !

Yea . Haven’t been updated the site . Been busy with “School” and “family” stuff .

Regardless, been going through a lot my self, friends, love, all these “BS” . It bothers me how there are many fake people out there, free to live and do there thing; ready to get one people down .  A good word given to them: Haterz!

Like in my previous post, i posted a note, that i got off Google, and it was pretty neat . (Click here to see)

We fall into many people’s “trap”; we’re either blind to “book” them, deaf to hear from others, etc. In the beginning, we’re loving the moments, but later on, its like … Regretting time.

I’m actually loving me 🙂 became a new person and I’m loving it. It’s all because of the people who I’m with and stuff ^^ With out them, i don’t know where i would be, but yea. Things happen eh .

Regardless … I got no idea what to say at the moment .. but … a good quote i just told a friend like 20 min ago ? “Patience is the key to success” … we’re all waiting for something good to happen, every “wait” gives us something good. A quote a teacher of mine said, “God Gives, and forgives. Man Gets, and Forgets”   Pretty sick eh?