Furkan Ahmed

I am a student at Marc Garneau C.I., going into something…math related?  Outside of school, i enjoy hanging out with friends, and with my family. Active, helpful, family guy (not the show), lazy, are probably some words that would best describe me.

I was born at the Easten, though i was raised here at the Western. I have some ideas on different cultures, so i pretty much know how different people are at their culture. I just love different cultures food 🙂 (no duh) At the moment, I’m in a learning process, trying to figure out what i really desire to do in the future, since I love math to the max, im thinking something engineer related..but who knows, everyone changes their mind.

Hmm.. on my free time, im either with my friends hanging out, or at home on computer (facebooking, msn yata yata) or im playing two major sports i adore playing, Basketball and Football. I believe everyone should stay active and be involed.

Regardless, whats left to say; thanks for coming to my site, and please feel free to leave your comments on any of my post, and do give me some advice on any, or you would like to share something related.

** Just a little shout out: www.cronous.com

so a friend requested for a little shout out, check it out, its a nice game to play 😉