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Bored, come waste time.



Well, it’s about time .

Changes happen ever where; with in people, neighbourhood, and even .. blogs ! !

Well, due to some “difficulties” there had to be another blog to be created.  After this post, there wont be any more post, BUT there will be on the new, OFFICIAL, Non-disturbance difficulties, blog which is called “Patience leads to Success


Ofcourse, the blog is just new, so it will take time to “decorate” it and what not. And now that i’ve managed my time wise, I would atleast be posting atleast, ATLEAST .. 2 post per week 😛

And yea, i havent been replying to some people’s email, because of school -.- but i will promise to reply to them HOPEFULLY this week end … cool?. … cool 🙂


Regardless, i want to thank all of those who supported on creating this blog , helped a lot. and i would ask for your support and love, and the respect, as i would return the favours too .

With Love,


Long Time Hurts Na

Hey guys .


Dang its been a while since I’ve posted . Been goin through “school” “word” and loaddss naa mean .

I’ve just recently managed my self to get a phone (about time) and i just came to know, i could also do my blogging from there; kinda helps if you ask me; now will able to manage to post more often, and sit down and reply back to all the email’s ive been getting 😛 I’m even surprised im still getting emails, after a long break of not posting anything . I was like … Woaaahhhh . Eh . Cool . AWESOMENESS . kay now im just getting random 😛


Regardless, yee this year at school . i have to admit it is pretty challenging . Heck last year, then off to Uni . or i shall say, off to the REAL Life .

Puttin that to the side, we got friends who we all deal with . Lolz im shizz free ofc now . Individual i Love . Ye ye . Many people these days are being crazy . Talkin useless, but that doesnt matter Ofc .

Things change . Even people change . Many say “if people change they’re a b***h” ; now what i say is those who say that are a B***H . Lets go with this; there’s a sayin “Bro’s before hoes” . I dont believe in that shizz . My sayin is “real before fakes” Why would one wanna be someone who they aint, be someone who everyone would admire . Thats Reality . Ofc many wwill say im just being plain stupid for sayin some next level shizz . (Tell me that when i actually care about you)



There’s more to say, but for now .. Manz got to STUDY .

Anyhooooo . Enough of the randomness . I wanna give a shout out to one of my boy . BoB .

Always got Your back brah .


It Hurts

Hello Fellow Citizens !

Yea . Haven’t been updated the site . Been busy with “School” and “family” stuff .

Regardless, been going through a lot my self, friends, love, all these “BS” . It bothers me how there are many fake people out there, free to live and do there thing; ready to get one people down .  A good word given to them: Haterz!

Like in my previous post, i posted a note, that i got off Google, and it was pretty neat . (Click here to see)

We fall into many people’s “trap”; we’re either blind to “book” them, deaf to hear from others, etc. In the beginning, we’re loving the moments, but later on, its like … Regretting time.

I’m actually loving me 🙂 became a new person and I’m loving it. It’s all because of the people who I’m with and stuff ^^ With out them, i don’t know where i would be, but yea. Things happen eh .

Regardless … I got no idea what to say at the moment .. but … a good quote i just told a friend like 20 min ago ? “Patience is the key to success” … we’re all waiting for something good to happen, every “wait” gives us something good. A quote a teacher of mine said, “God Gives, and forgives. Man Gets, and Forgets”   Pretty sick eh?

To my haters

“I keep it real and that’s a promise. I may be whatever you wanna call me, but I’m honest. When i walk by, you stop and stare. Well, keep looking ‘Cause I Don’t Care. I have my own life and style, not trying to please you or smile. When it comes to competition, you’re out. So shut your hatin’ self and keep me out of your mouth”

Dont know what to say

Lets see whats new,

1. Website is about to have its own Banner Soon

2. Going through the holy month – Ramadhan! (Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters)

3. Got a job, but delay on first day

4. G2!!!!

5. to be Continue hehe

ps. Russel Petters any one?


One cant have everything they want.

One has to sacrifice a lot.

One needs to understand life well to be successfull.

One cant focus if there are things in their mind.

One needs omit the darkness inside of them.

One needs to “self attain” .

One needs to be brave and strong.

One needs to believe.

One needs to trust.

One needs to focus.

One needs to be independent at some things, depending on another could destroy one.

Courage. Brave.Strength.

Slack off

Well. i know this site has been doing down hill for couple days. havent posted much for the past …. months? lol been busy

any how ive been writing couple of things for a while. how we need to focus on some things in life. here i like to share on what ive finished writing today. long title buh, Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all.

There’s always this moment where one wants to give up, Where you want to sit down and forget about everything, You think you can’t continue on your goal, your willing to give up easily, you say you can’t do it, n say it will never happen.

But you’re thinking wrong. Never say never. Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all. You got to focus all the time, be strong and never give up.

Trying makes you close to success, you’ll eventually know that your up for any challenges, always be ready to fight through anything. Nothing is impossible.

Givin up makes you weak, thinking that you’re alone makes you weak, not being yourself makes you weak. You got to fight that and prove to all how strong you are. You’ll never know in the end, how powerful you really are.

Slow and steady. Take it easy. Always smile, keep your mind fresh. The past is nothing, the present is something, you always got to go for whatchu gunna do, never think on your past, cause you will never wonder on what you’re really goin to do.

Everyone has their ups and downs, everyones been going through depressing moments, but they still manage themself on getting back up. No matter how hard you fall, you always got to get back up. Show the world who you really are, show us all what you’re really made off. Never be scared on doing anything, there’s no such thing as a “stupid move”; everyone is smart, everyone has the rights to do what they want, y’all want to succeed, y’all will succeed.

Everyones been through a great loss. No matter how important they were in your life. Even till the day they’re gone, you could still move on and do your thing. Always think, they would want you to be happy if they were here, no-sadness will get you far.

Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all.



Son Cryin’ [Draft]

A life time is enough to tell your parents how much you love em.

there’s nothing else important than your parents, they are everything you need now, but look at where you are now, can you forgive your actions now?

your father is there to suppose you through your education, tell me now who is there that can help you like your father, there is no one than other.

many say that my father doesnt love me, buh zip that mouth, look in his eyes crying out for you do you see, always did n always will standing beside you, its a battle till success he’s there for you.

if you do fuck up and your friends just left you there, your parents will come and pick you up there. ask me why you’re really here, only one answer your parents will always lov you, even if you fuck up here, they will always forgive you and support you here

screw eerything you’re mother’s lov is so strong like the sun that will stay bright even when its night. tell me who can lov you as you’re mother, not even close to your father

i know you will sacrifice everything for me ma, foget the bullet i kno you will take the gun for me ma, infront of you im a fake, im mentaly retarded someone gota slap me feel awake. for what im doing is a biigest sin, buh im doing it so i can get to the top and feel in,

everything im saying is really ment to be in this dumb verse, fuck everything but your parents always come first.
forgive me for my action but my life is jsut cursed .
God guide my parents soul, accept my sayin before i gota go

tryin to keep things steady as its realy ment to be,
tryin to get back to the reailty,
but its hard to focus as im trying to be who i’m not
its melting my brain its to much its to hot
my eyes will always cry to you but it will never lie to you

Things are going so fast its hard for me to keep things steady and last,
growing up so big and thinking i can do everythin so big,
but a time hit me where i know i was wrong, and it is true Your father is always right now,
can you forgive your self and take away those bulshit you ever said to them now?
Your parents are the greatest gift by God’s Grace. Nothing can replace that lov by your parents,
Its always at the Top now, sit down and stop. think things clearly now, tell me what can be more important than your parents now.

everything im saying is really ment to be in this dumb verse, fuck everything but your parents always come first.
forgive me for my action but my life is jsut cursed .
God guide my parents soul, accept my sayin before i gota go.

Where to begin

Thinks have gotten out of control lately. Haven t posted for a while.

So much has happened since May 5. Thinking about many things that goes around me and what not. So now that its like .. 5 weeks left of school? Im starting to notice the students, knowing who’s in my class and what not 😛 . that shows im so lost these days. dont even know what im doing that doesnt even make me look around and see whos around :S :/

Regardless. So like i have said how i want to be a math teacher. Man, being a teacher is awesome in many ways. But it also has its ups and dowwwns.

Being a teacher, is like… hmm well when i step up and start to teach a lesson to the students, yea sometimes i get a little stage frighten. Having little eyes looking at you. Not two, but 60 eyes. It’s like they’re waiting for me to make a little error some where. Its like i know something bad is about to happen >.> buh like every one says, PREPARE !! well guess what, i say DONT prepare 😛

To me its like, when someone prepares for what they wanna say at times for. .. what ever they’re preparing for .. it sucks, because, when you go and do what ever it is that you prepared for, you sometimes forget what to do next, and then things go wrong, and then you go nuts, and then you go crazy, and then you go BLAH BLAH (oh just chill out man -.-) buh hey, the funny thing is, when i prepare for something. i do it … bad. and when i dont prepare for something. i do good. (dont ask how it works. it just does 😛 )

i made things up RIGHT on the spuutt and it worksss out great. yea i can mess up sometimes, but not as much as i used to when i prepare 😛 it just WORKS !

like im doing a lesson and then outa know where im doing something wrong. and most of the time, there’s one student that got my back 😉

Any how. So things are getting a little confusing. i just hate how weekends comes, now im actaully used to be outside. sitting at home makes me thinking some deeeeeeeep things …. and to be honest i hate it. i really do hate it. deep thoughts is okay. but … most of the time .. things can go outa hands.

Many post have been writen but not publisheddddddd something interesting is about to be talked about; and i say to see that coming, we need some little support…. lah i think i took out every words outa my mind right now .

regardless, till the next post