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Dont know what to say

Lets see whats new,

1. Website is about to have its own Banner Soon

2. Going through the holy month – Ramadhan! (Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters)

3. Got a job, but delay on first day

4. G2!!!!

5. to be Continue hehe

ps. Russel Petters any one?



One cant have everything they want.

One has to sacrifice a lot.

One needs to understand life well to be successfull.

One cant focus if there are things in their mind.

One needs omit the darkness inside of them.

One needs to “self attain” .

One needs to be brave and strong.

One needs to believe.

One needs to trust.

One needs to focus.

One needs to beĀ independentĀ at some things, depending on another could destroy one.

Courage. Brave.Strength.

Wake up at 7 am and go shopping

WHO WAKES UP AT 7 AM IN THE MORNING, and goes for back to school shopping.

YUP! Moi.

apparently i woke up at 7 and had to drive with rents, around places, buying stuff for school. Its pretty smart actually if you think about it. Be prepared now; buy the good things now so you dont have to be sad later, cz its all gone. Plus, the holy month of Ramadhan is just around the corner, i dont want to faint while fasting and doing shopping. (not that i will faint, im strong =D)

5 hours of shoping, and now dead tired. cant sleep cz some people are just interesting watching cricket in the morning, and blasting the volume even when they are 1 meter away from the tv. -.-.

ps. yes i hate cricket. and im brown. hehehahahoho.



hi hello


Dont tell me you hate thiss. This is Epic. Got good bass?

YouTube !

Kay so i was on youtube, doin my thingg and look what i came across too

This is some SERIOUS beats !!

Slack off

Well. i know this site has been doing down hill for couple days. havent posted much for the past …. months? lol been busy

any how ive been writing couple of things for a while. how we need to focus on some things in life. here i like to share on what ive finished writing today. long title buh, Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all.

There’s always this moment where one wants to give up, Where you want to sit down and forget about everything, You think you can’t continue on your goal, your willing to give up easily, you say you can’t do it, n say it will never happen.

But you’re thinking wrong. Never say never. Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all. You got to focus all the time, be strong and never give up.

Trying makes you close to success, you’ll eventually know that your up for any challenges, always be ready to fight through anything. Nothing is impossible.

Givin up makes you weak, thinking that you’re alone makes you weak, not being yourself makes you weak. You got to fight that and prove to all how strong you are. You’ll never know in the end, how powerful you really are.

Slow and steady. Take it easy. Always smile, keep your mind fresh. The past is nothing, the present is something, you always got to go for whatchu gunna do, never think on your past, cause you will never wonder on what you’re really goin to do.

Everyone has their ups and downs, everyones been going through depressing moments, but they still manage themself on getting back up. No matter how hard you fall, you always got to get back up. Show the world who you really are, show us all what you’re really made off. Never be scared on doing anything, there’s no such thing as a “stupid move”; everyone is smart, everyone has the rights to do what they want, y’all want to succeed, y’all will succeed.

Everyones been through a great loss. No matter how important they were in your life. Even till the day they’re gone, you could still move on and do your thing. Always think, they would want you to be happy if they were here, no-sadness will get you far.

Always fight back for your rights, always get back up when you fall, never give up, prove that your strong to all.