Well, it’s about time .

Changes happen ever where; with in people, neighbourhood, and even .. blogs ! !

Well, due to some “difficulties” there had to be another blog to be created.  After this post, there wont be any more post, BUT there will be on the new, OFFICIAL, Non-disturbance difficulties, blog which is called “Patience leads to Success


Ofcourse, the blog is just new, so it will take time to “decorate” it and what not. And now that i’ve managed my time wise, I would atleast be posting atleast, ATLEAST .. 2 post per week 😛

And yea, i havent been replying to some people’s email, because of school -.- but i will promise to reply to them HOPEFULLY this week end … cool?. … cool 🙂


Regardless, i want to thank all of those who supported on creating this blog , helped a lot. and i would ask for your support and love, and the respect, as i would return the favours too .

With Love,