Thinks have gotten out of control lately. Haven t posted for a while.

So much has happened since May 5. Thinking about many things that goes around me and what not. So now that its like .. 5 weeks left of school? Im starting to notice the students, knowing who’s in my class and what not 😛 . that shows im so lost these days. dont even know what im doing that doesnt even make me look around and see whos around :S :/

Regardless. So like i have said how i want to be a math teacher. Man, being a teacher is awesome in many ways. But it also has its ups and dowwwns.

Being a teacher, is like… hmm well when i step up and start to teach a lesson to the students, yea sometimes i get a little stage frighten. Having little eyes looking at you. Not two, but 60 eyes. It’s like they’re waiting for me to make a little error some where. Its like i know something bad is about to happen >.> buh like every one says, PREPARE !! well guess what, i say DONT prepare 😛

To me its like, when someone prepares for what they wanna say at times for. .. what ever they’re preparing for .. it sucks, because, when you go and do what ever it is that you prepared for, you sometimes forget what to do next, and then things go wrong, and then you go nuts, and then you go crazy, and then you go BLAH BLAH (oh just chill out man -.-) buh hey, the funny thing is, when i prepare for something. i do it … bad. and when i dont prepare for something. i do good. (dont ask how it works. it just does 😛 )

i made things up RIGHT on the spuutt and it worksss out great. yea i can mess up sometimes, but not as much as i used to when i prepare 😛 it just WORKS !

like im doing a lesson and then outa know where im doing something wrong. and most of the time, there’s one student that got my back 😉

Any how. So things are getting a little confusing. i just hate how weekends comes, now im actaully used to be outside. sitting at home makes me thinking some deeeeeeeep things …. and to be honest i hate it. i really do hate it. deep thoughts is okay. but … most of the time .. things can go outa hands.

Many post have been writen but not publisheddddddd something interesting is about to be talked about; and i say to see that coming, we need some little support…. lah i think i took out every words outa my mind right now .

regardless, till the next post