Ricchy Is a lil boy always wants to b alone, only has a few friends, still wants to b alone, always getting picked on and always getting beatin up, emotions eatin up his mind, got no other choice but to take it up.

Only have one friend that’s always there for him, Tina is her name, shes the one who really cares for him. Livin on the second floor, Richy livin in the first, both were really close, but both were livin in a curse. Richy is an 8th grader, Tina goes to school with him, Tina in the same grade spending time with him, both were getting picked on n both were in the same place, both were getting laughed at cz both were in the same race.

Getting really sick of this so Tina start to cut her self, she doesn’t hate any one or at anyone, but her self, lockin up her in-er soul, an getting really mentally, she goesnt have any choice maybe its just ment to be. Richy see’s those scares n ran n grabed her by the shirt, “you see those scares on ur body but you see Im the one whos getting hurt” she didn’t say anything but looked right straight in her eyes, walked up to a new friend “I don’t chill with loser guys. These are my new friends and I just wanna let you know, you messin up my style Richy its time to let you go.” Richy cant believe now that Tina is one of them, 5 years of hadin love, crumbled up right infront of him.

True lovers never gone true lovers never weak, true lovers fight back true lovers always meet, true lover’s never gone just make sure you hold on, even if the lover dies, the love will still go one.

Day by day is passin and Richy isn’t givin in, givin up those love and the life he was in. 2 years has passed since the last time they both spoke, lookin at this poem he wrote for Tina long ago, “we’ll be best friends and I don’t wanna let you go, but I got a secret and I don’t wana let you know. Im in love with you Tina ever since I met you, and if you ever leave me, im coming back to get you” tears start to run down as he read it for the last time, crumbled up the paper as he read it for the last time, threw it in his bag as he’s going straight to school.

Tina starts to roll thinking that she’s to cool. Now she with the big kids now, she walkin up to Richy now, pushed him to the side an start to get bitchy now, “watch where you go boy don’t even try to play with me, these are my new friends and they always gunna stay with me” Tina told Richy that he beter look straight away, but Richy looked straight in her eyes n didn’t look away; feelin really disrespected cz the whole school was watchin now, Tina told her boys to beat him up n knock him out.

They were beatin up Richy n he didn’t fight back, Tina lookin in her eyes, n Richy lookin straighit back in her eyes, she was getting chills as she knew that’s her best friend there, then they left him wobbling n just freken left him there.

No one even helped that’s where killers even did there stuff, takin all his money and shot right through his lungs, goin through his books n bag as his head start to bleed, Tina finds a crumbled paper and opens up start to read, “True lovers never gawn true lovers never weak, true lovers always fight, true lovers always speak, true lovers never gone, just make sure you always hold on, even if the lover dies, true love still goes on”

The ambulance came and they took Richy on the stretcher , broken in many places, moments that he never captured, Tina start to breakin down, nothing there to even do now, lookin back at her life now how everything she was faking out, no longer is she faking now, tears start to comin down. The ambulance start to leave n that’s when Tina start to freakin out, start to catch the ambulance as those memories start to hunted her, finding out that Richy always loved her n always wanted her.

Made it to the hospitals rushing through the doors, tryin to fix everything, the pains comin through the doors. Made it to the ERS, lookin every where now, everything start to spinnin she started to pull her hair out. The doctor redirected her to wait out in the friend’s room, staring in the windows as she lookin at her friends wounds, lookin that his head’s bleedin n his eyes start to open up, then she told the doctors “is everything alright now”

3 hours past still the operation still not done, the doctor said she can gets 3 minutes if she wants. Tina goes to Richy room started to tearin out, confessed everything to him, hoping things will be alright now. Sayin that she loves him too n never wants to see him hurt, n if he start to dyin out she wants to see him first. Richy start to cryin as he’s holdin on to Tina’s arm “I never want to see you cry, even till the day im gone” wyping out Tina’s tears n askin for one wish “ say that you love me now” she did it with one kiss. Richy cant believes it now that he finaly got his girl, but his eye’s getting blurry, everything around his world. Tina start to hug him as she hears his heart beat, couple minutes past by, no longer goes his heart beat, the doctors came rushin finding out the bodies cold, tried to move Tina, but they found that she passed too.

True lovers never gawn make sure you hold on, even if the lover dies the love will still go on. Even if they fight, they will still keep it calm, Richy and Tina lived n died in each others arm.