Hey guys,

i know its been a long time i posted a post, been going through a lot lately… school stuff .. friends stuff … and a very .. special person.

You know … i learned a very valuable lesson over the past few days … the hard way. If there is a problem with anyone .. talk to that person right away. Some of you are thinking “Well duh, tahts what you do” but most of the time, when you have to face that person .. you just never have the guts to do that.

You see, i made a mistake .. where i was misjudging a special person .. doubts after doubts … like hey, this is what happens when you care pass the limits right ? But i was to stupid to think about what would happen if i do something unfair . know what im saying?

There;s so much about people’s life tthat we realy dont know about … sometimes its a good thing ..

There’s a special person of mine .. like hay im gunna say it, i love her šŸ™‚

Yea, there has come a point where, arguments has happen .. but to be honest and straight up .. it hurts me every second of that argument that is going on .. i just feel like killing my self (yea im thinking retarded at the moment .. allow manz ) Most of the time, you just gota go through things the hard way . llol i just love to take big challenges, but sometimes, its gunna end up hurting you.

I really do love her. and hey i just cant help my self… yea there’s something going on right now im gunna say … and im pretty much retarded of what i did … lol who knows if forgiving someone is gunna be easy?
most of the time .. people go like “hmm yea okay you said sory, well bye now” (dont get it? they just turned their back at you, BEUR)
it hurts of course .. but think about it, you learned a big lesson and yea youre broken, but 99% (dont worry about the other 1%) you love that person deep inside of you …

That person has taken me to a place where .. i feel alive … meaning,
there are things that i couldnt be able to do .. which i can do now .. i dont kno how that happens ^o) is it possible that love can really change a person for sure ^o) …

i nvr had the guts to stand up for my self (family part) but now its like .. i know im not alone

i never had the guts to defend my self .. but now that i have someone .. its like .. i can take em down with anything, and i dont care if i lose … al that matters is .. youre not alone.

Now i dont know if my special person is reading this … but to the world,
I Love Her. and there is nothing that’s gunna stop me from that. Nothing.
Im sorry for what i have done, and yea i cant really live without you.


silence is a big lesson, you wonder why its there, and you learn from it