Normal day, a normal life, everything normal. You know, there was this one boy, who was always interested in … everything … games, life, what ever it is you name it. First, he was nothing, like those usual normal people who just woke up, survive, and went back to sleep. But in his case, it was different as the years went by. Sean was his name. He was more of a person like, he would put anyone elses problems infront of his. Cares about everyone, his friends the most. He had nice friends ofcource, they all cared for him. Now one of his friend, Stephan they call him, but for short, Step (not steph, but step[yes the step where you *step* on things]) regardless, they were pretty tight and all. After lunch Sean actually goes to his class n chill for a bit, once the second bell rings, there u see Sean running in the hall way, jumping around getting to class, sad he makes it.

But things start to change … how you guys ask ? well …

Step: Yo bro, did you know garneau actually has a ‘model’ person ^o)

Sean: dude … school is cheap … where on earth you think a person like that would step foot in this school …

Step: nawh trust me, go on facebook and add her

Sean: bro πŸ˜› chillax im not buying it, any how did you do your work

Yup fellas, exactly like that, Sean didnt want to take it in but unfortunatly, Step did manage to get him to add the chick on facebook. (funny how facebook solves the problem? ) After a while, Sean got to realize she actually was involed in ‘model’ suprising but yes. Sean couldnt wait, sad but he just wanted to see her in person to see how it is, because according to him, when he was looking at her profile, she somehow looked different. EveryΒ  picture of her’ were pretty different, he just wanted to see her in person. Regardless the next day, he goes with Step to his class after lunch, and he stayed in his class even when the second bell rang, unfortunatly she didnt come to class, and yea he walked out, but sad he didnt even think about it ^o) he was having fun with Step, joking around and what not.

Then, that day came 😐 things changed for Sean right on that day, not because of meeting this girl, but he doesnt even know why. Its like those days where you’re waiting for something to happen … n its gunna changeΒ  you … some reason, hard to describe or talk about … ehh where am i going, lets stick to the same boat. (boat????)

He did see her in class after lunch, now sean was just like —> 😐 for a good 1 min, and he also discovered one of his friend was in Step class, so he forgot about the girl and started to joke around with his friend ( thats so arms) but hey, Sean wasnt the only one to have his eye wide open. Unfortunatly, the model girl was also interested in him, in her mind “wow … he’s cute..” She knew Sean and Step were tight,so see started to talk to Step n hoped Sean would come in, BUT had to run out the class since step teacher walked in πŸ˜› (what a guy… WHAT A GUY)

Sean: dude … you were right

Step: see i told you ehh, shes proper though

Sean: hmm *in a happy way of hmm*

Now here comes the day, where Sean started to talk to her via facebook (again … Mr Facebook solves everything) n from that day Sean and the girl, Jessica, started to talk pretty good. Wow i wonder how facebook solves love problems? Regardless: Both Sean and Step made a plan to visit her at work, but sad Step ‘flops’

Step: okay yo so um im not coming, so im leaving you a 1-1 with her have fun πŸ™‚

Sean: BRO?!?!?!?! thats arms im not forgeting this ehh πŸ˜›

Sean did have plans that day, had to go for some meeting, but on the way, he was thinking *Should i go… should i go… * he missed the stop where her work is at …. (dont worry he changes his mind) this guy gets off after 2 more stops … what a guy … (WHAT A GUY)Β  so he thought Jessica would get pissed at Step for not showing up, since both of them were tight, BUT Sean becomes Romeo and visits her to make her happy.

There he goes, ever step he took, he had NOOOOOO idea what to say to her, he just took Steps advice ( just go in and say hi and you’ll start everything from there). Sean walks in, he puts his hoodie on, thinking of suprising her from the back. He see’s her, damn she was looking pretty stresed from work, dealing with her customer, and let me tell her she has an eye of a cat .. she see’s him a mile away ! n she gets happy πŸ™‚ ( aaaaaaawwwee )

Jessica : you came πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Sean: yea, and someone was thinking SOMEONE is gunna flop ( yea Jessica and Step were talking about Sean, thinking he would flop, and Sean was pretty much stalking there convo, what a guy WHAT A GUY)

They sit down, and sad Jessica only has 15 min break, but she doesnt say anything and push’s it a little (like come one let the women get a break from all those customer, no?)

When they get home, Jessica tells Sean how happy he made her. Before he came, she was like this to the customer:

Jessica: hmm need bags ^o)? (raising her eye brow n giving some look)

and AFTER:

Jessica: Good evening Sir/maam, do you need any bags πŸ˜€

Like wow, Sean did a good job showing up atleast, and he was thinking of not showing up ( guys know what im gunna say so i wont repeat:) )

Awe Sean started to blush, later that day he started to think about her … like wow, but the feeling for him wasnt that big, (thats what the writer thinks )

They started to chill afterschool, every day.. like EVERYDAY, untill the topic came up, “I Like you”Β  (OH OH! SEAN MADE A MOVE!! WANNA KNO WHAT SHE SAID :O :O sure but after this short break, la la la la la okay youre back) Sean wasnt scared or anything, somehow he knew what the responce was gunna be, he was brave, and he was ready to take anything, he believed in him self, and he has a hommie sitting 1 hour away from his place. And the responce was well given.

Sean: Jessica … I love you …

Jessica: … :$ ……………………….. πŸ™‚

Wow, like wow, thats it? NAWHHHH broo nawh, they play BIG. They started to talk non stop with each other, every second their love started to grew big and big. Ahh, what love right, spoted with one speed of light that is … (someone calculate the speed of light?) Theres lots that happened there. But i shall say TO BE CONTINUED πŸ™‚ ( … what … i have a life too .. im playing πŸ™‚ for sure ill continue up the story, but lets think about this shall we, but what confuses us at times is, What really is Love? :O :O lets think about it for few days and talk about it here shall we πŸ™‚ ]

To Be Continue …