Hows it going guys, good? bad? sad? depressing? ehh, all teenagers go through that stuff these days … i just wonder why ..

You know, many teenagers are more depressed than adults are about there jobs? (TRUST ME its TRUUUUUE) Teenagers go through a LOT of depressions compared to adults, but hey, what can we teens do right? Ofcourse there are those who love to study all day, focusing in their school and what not; and in the other hand, there are those that are always thinking “..why did this happen…”

Funny how people can easly blame them self for everything … even though they did NOTHING at all … im confused why they even concider that ^o) those people that think that, they need to be thinking twice. You see, friendship is what everyone needs, and loves. Without friendship…who are you ? what are you doing? where are you going? … if you think about it for 5 min, friendship IS important to everyone. Friendship is like a gift; you are strong with it, and without it you are week. They are always there with you for anything. If you didnt know, a true friend would put your problems ahead of there’s ; and hey,  theres only one person, who can make a difference, [now you guys might be wondering what that line ment … think about it 🙂 ]

You know, mmany people think that they are alone in some situations … those who think that … heres a message for you. Just sit back and relax, and think about how many people have helped you in the past; among those, there is one person who was always there for you [ if you say no then think harder ! ] and that person is with you every second; never be thinking that you are alone, deep inside, everyone has a hero 😉

Thats it for now; i could have been explaining more about what true friendship mean, but here are some of the main points i pointed it, but hey, hold on to youre friends close to your heart.

Take care, and always show that smile on youre face stylllllllllL!!!!!!!