I dont know but i just had to make a post about teenagers life; not like how they go through drugs or what ever, ofcource, we all know some go through that stuff or what ever i dont care; here im talking about family situations.

Its hard for teenagers to focus if your parents are pushing you around, no? Straight to the point, if you have strict parents, the kid cant focus in life…end of story. Why? because they cant be thinkig properly on what to do and what not to do..they would always be scared of what ever they are doing, they would be thinking, what would happen if my parents find out if im doing this..even if its something good, they would start thinking like that. I have to say, a life of a teenager is hard when it comes to family matter.

You have your family talking to you about what you want to be in the future, thats a PAIN! They would be telling you what they want you to be…and you’re thinking ” hey its my life :S .. let me decide” [im sure 90% of the teens in teh world go through this, no doubt] and what can us teenagers possibly do, sit down for 2 hours and enjoy listening 🙂

Hmm, lets see how things go on in the future…maybe things will be better, or not…we shall wait. Regardless, thats all for now; also

Happy New Year to all.