Its official…winter holidays, the WORST holiday of my life…why? well how is it staying home for 2 straight week doing nothing ^o) yea you guys are probably wondering ‘ why cant you just call your friends up’ but hey we make plans, but i have wonderful parents who care a lot about me 🙂 and want me in there vision; and its just a piss off how a friend from another country visits, and yet your parents wont let you out to chill with them >.>

“over protected’ much i have to say, its like im trapped in there shadow. But hey, always have to think of a plan for something >.< how can i get out of my house…ehh. Im just trying to get out this friday, a good friend of mine’s birthday, and hey i just GOT to get out for that…if not im not forgiving my self *hmp* a shout out to my boy Asad, Happy Early birthday bro 😀

Nothing much to say today since i had a boring day, oh well, how was your break?