Wow it’s been a while since I posted something up…been so busy these days trying to get things straight.

Like I said I’m my last post…I feel like I’m in university now I feel like I’m at some next school beyond university……(huh?) just by having physic n chemistry in this semester. I have to admit… you have to work really hard in grade 11..chilling time is over…now its like we’re in a place where you cant do anything but study. Only one month left till the semester ends, and I have a goal to do; get at least a high average to keep my father happy 🙂

Any how, thinking about what you want to do in the future is MEGA hard! Like hey, i’m getting people to tell me what to do…engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc etc…Like hey…it’s my life, I decide: P but really I hear a lot of good jobs in engineer, but the only question is…which one should I pick? I was really interested in being a math teacher, but as I had a talk with my lovely mother…she has opened my mind.

You never know you will be living where you are now for the rest of your life, you might move to another place…and what if that place doesn’t accept the job that you desire to be? What i’m trying to say is, become something that can be useful in other places. Like if you want to be a math teacher…in Canada you can become a teacher easily, but if you were to move to another place….like for example, India, Pakistan or any of those places…it will be hard to get a teachers job. That’s why, become and engineer, and you can still do some teaching. 

Like I know a teacher of mine, who went for computer software, and he’s teaching Computer Engineer in my school, that’s pretty cool.  

Well…I don’t know what else to share 😛 I pretty much have lots that im going through…but this is it for now…feel free to comment or give any suggestions to the topic, and maybe share your story something similar 😉

Happy new year 🙂