Another day, another chaos…

First week of school has already went by…days are going fast…like, wow? Regardless, going through some hard time…trying to figure out how i should work this semester of mine…with the heavy courses i have…if wondering..before i had phy.math.english.chem (4 exams, wow yea i know) Untill on friday…the student services kick math-out and in replace, accounting joined…which isnt what i really wanted…i’ve been trying to kick english and chemistry out, so i could finish phy and math first..both math…and yea math my favourite subjects 😀

Oh well…hope that on monday, ill be able to talk to the vice principal..try my best to get english out of the semester and get marketing in…and then i could rest in peace!! (cant even sleep cz keep thinking of this mess)

Im still thinking…if i should keep phy/chem in one semester, or phy/math…i could use some idea’s..

It feels as if im in university already…teachers throwing homework already, and got to finish them soon..atm already did my chemistry, 12 pages of word 😐 lucky i did 4 or 5. How about you guys, lets hear your torture so far 😀 im in the mood since im tired of doing work…any how…not much to say today though it’s the weekend and i should be sleeping in….

Have a good weekendd