Its time for us to go back to high school..middle school..yata yata…or some people like to call it, chaos, or what so ever. Some people love going to school, why some don’t. Some going back for ‘chilling’ and not ready for studies. But if its grade 11 or 12 you’re going to…time to forget all those chilling times, cause its time for us to work hard if we need to get into our desire university/college.

Chilling time is over, and now its time for us to work hard…thats what i hate about school. High school or example..i dont think people will get much time to see their friends or ‘chill’ like people love to say.

Why not ask people why they go to school, and be suprised what kind of answers you will be getting. Like this one kid who was asked by a teacher, why you go to school, kid replies saying that his parents force him to. Mostly you will get those kind answer, or you may get things like “to see my friends” or “hang out” or got wanna-bee “drugs”

My answer used to be hang out, untill a time came where i realized, your soo gunna thank those teachers for teaching you…even if you hate them or not. If one was to study all day, pretty sure he or she will have a good life.

Dont have much to say to day; since i was indoor the whole day.

Leave a comment if you have something to say about school…or maybe your teachers.