Its funny how random people just come up to you and start to talk in their language, thinking you understand.
Like i was saying, i was grown up at Western Coast, but was born at East Coast; so i got some idea on few religions around the coast (to many coast?). Like i was going to the mosque (those who don’t know what it is, its like a prayer place for muslims to attend) and a random person walks up to me and starts asking me about the weather…that too in urdu. First im thinking if i should act as if i dont know urdu…but at the same time…im like…help a brother out…so i replied. It feels really akward when random people start talking to you in their language. Im thinking…how do these guys know that i know that language. I may look brown, but not all brown people know urdu, do they?

Like i member a time when this lady said something in urdu to this brown kid, and he looked totaly confused…i member clearly the way he ran away from the lady, i was like wow.

Regardless today is a good friend of mine birthday 🙂 Just wish her the best wishes ever
Another year of another happiness,
joy ful moments will come again,
living in a good environment,
that same smile comes everyday,
when your happy,
it makes me happy,
let me it be that this day stays the way it is,
for ever,
and ever

oh yea, i do write poems 🙂 so i may post one up around some times 🙂